Bylaws of Erskine Cemetery and Fairport Cemetery
Appendix "A" - Price List

(For a printed copy of this document, please download and print this pdf document.)

IMPORTANT NOTE TO READER:  Concrete burial vaults are recommended, and pose an additional funeral cost. Monuments and markers are to be made of bronze, stone, marble, or other permanent material as approved by the Cemetery Administrator. All monument foundations must be installed by the Cemetery only.

I.) Plot and Niche Prices

Type of Plot


Care & Maintenance Fund Included

Single Plot - (only in Section M)
(Monument footing included)



Single Plot - (not in Section M)
(Corner markers included)



Niche on top or fourth level
(01-08, 41-48, 25-32, 65-72)



Niche on second or third level
(09-16, 49-56, 17-24, 57-64)



Niche bottom level
(33-40, 73-80)



II.) Interment Prices

Type of Interment
(Regular hours are 9:00am to 4:00pm)


Full Interment


Cremated Remains Interment in plot


Additional Cremated Remains Interment within the same burial opening


Cremation Interment in niche
(includes adding date to plaque)


III.) Miscellaneous Charges


Care & Maintenance
Fund Included


Premium for Saturday Interments



Premium for Winter Interments
(December 1st to April 30th)



Premium for Outside Regular Hours
(/hour from 4:00pm until grave closed)


$150.00 / hour

Standard niche plaque with married names and birth dates



Standard memorial wall plaque with one name and dates



Concrete burial vault



Re-issue of Missing Interment Rights Certificates



Transfer of Interment Rights Certificates



Repurchase of Interment Rights Administration Fee



Dis-Interment or Re-Interment


Price to be determined at time of request

Effective:  April 1, 2020


For more information please contact the cemetery administrator:

  • Cemecare Inc. – Phone: 905-473-5571

The Erskine & Fairport Cemeteries are owned by:

  • Dunbarton-Fairport United Church

And licensed to operate under the following licenses:

  • Erskine Cemetery – CM-00439
  • Fairport Cemetery – CM-0440

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario has prepared a Consumer Information Guide available Here