Note from the Minister’s Desk:

I thought you might want to know a little bit about this person who showed up on your doorstep.  To begin with, I am here on an appointment as you work through your Joint Needs Assessment and then your search for a permanent minister.  My term began on August 1st and ends on June 30th 2019.

First, I am a PK, and as a minister’s kid I grew up in the United Church.  This means I have seen both the ups and downs of congregational life; the humorous and the mundane, the challenges and the rewards, the love and warmth as well as the unchecked egos.  In short I have seen and experienced much of the workings of the church.

I entered ministry late in life, in large part due to learning disabilities that were not recognized or acted upon when I was in public and high school.  An interesting sidebar, Mike Lehikoinen and I both attended Banting Memorial High School, although it was a number of years apart.  For most of my adult life I worked at the north side of Pearson Airport, with corporate aircraft, where I became heavily involved in labour relations.  After a back injury I entered York University for my undergraduate degree, and then Emmanuel College for my Master of Divinity degree.

My settlement charge was Englehart, which is halfway between New Liskeard and Kirkland Lake.  Something that many you of may find strange, I was the only active ordered minister in the presbytery.  After three and half years there, Donnalyn and I moved to Carleton Place, we were there for about nine and half years.

While at Carleton Place, I was convinced to become a member of Interim Ministry Committee for the Bay of Quinte Conference.  While Intentional Interim Ministry has many similarities with labour relations, it has its own challenges.  I was fortunate to have Barry Goodwin’s instructions, while we were travelling to a particularly difficult situation.  Barry who has taught Interim Ministry across North America, often commented that I was the beneficiary of what he taught for the price of a cup of coffee, while others paid thousands of dollars.  I don’t want to miss lead you; I am not an Interim Minister, although I do have some insight into the field of Interim Ministry.

Then I was appointed to Enniskillen-Tyrone Pastoral Charge for a year, as they were trying to decide on their future direction.  That one year appointment turned into three years; and now I have come here to Dunbarton-Fairport, as you decide your future.

I have left out many details, but this gives you a little oversight into who I am.  I must say that I am extremely excited and glad to serve you as your minister in the upcoming year.  You will find that I am very different from Jeff; however, I hope to maintain a certain degree of continuity.

My intention is to be in the office Tuesdays and Wednesday from 10 till three; that may change as I find my way and settle in.

If you need to contact me, or would just like to talk please contact me.

Home phone: (905) 571-1083 or Email:



Rev. Peter